WorkSchedule.Net API

Getting Started

The WorkSchedule.Net API enables functionality and interactivity with your own software applications. To get started, all you need is an active WorkSchedule.Net account. You can then start making HTTP calls using the provided definitions.

Supported Formats

The WorkSchedule.Net API supports the input and output of JSON. All input (if required) accepts a JSON array unless otherwise noted.

Obtaining access and authorization

To obtain a session API key and password, access the 'StartAPISession' Module by appending 'Module=StartAPISession' to the base URL ( followed by your CompanyID, UserName and Password separated by a '&' in the API query string.

Supported Methods

WorkSchedule.Net simplifies and streamlines all API calls into a POST method.


For the safety and integrity of all WorkSchedule.Net user information, we disallow input that contains: a single quote ('), a semicolon(;), a forward slash with an asterisk appended (/*), an asterisk with a forward slash appended (*/), and two simultaneous dashes (--).

Example Query:

Example Response:


  "SessionError": "0",
  "Session Information": {
   "SessionID": "123",
   "SessionPassword": "12345678"

Use the given SessionID and SessionPW in the query field during each HTTP API call

URL Format

Base API Call URL

All API calls begin with the base URL.


Use a '&' after the base URL to designate each section. Input your given SessionID and password here using 'SessionID= ' and 'SP= ' remembering to separate each by a '&'.

API Method Call

Append the API method call after authentication

Method Parameters

If the API method requires query parameters, append them after the method call separating the parameters by a '&'


getUsers Get All Employees POST
addUsers Add Users to the Company POST
updateUsers Update user information POST
deleteUsers Delete users from the company POST
getTimeBlockEditors Get all TimeBlock Editors POST
getTimeBlocks Get specified TimeBlocks POST
addTimeBlocks add TimeBlocks to a specified schedule POST
updateTimeBlocks Update specified TimeBlocks POST
deleteTimeBlocks Delete specified TimeBlocks POST
ClockIn Clock in specified users POST
ClockOut Clock out specified users POST
getCategories Get all of the categories for the company POST
addCategories Add categories to the company POST
updateCategories Update Company Categories POST
deleteCategories Delete user-defined Categories from the company POST
getDepts Get all departments POST
addDepts add Departments to the Company POST
updateDepts Update Departments in the Company Record POST
deleteDepts Delete Departments from the Company POST
getAreas Get all areas POST
addAreas Add areas to the Company POST
updateAreas Update Areas in the company record POST
deleteAreas Delete Areas from the Company POST
getTasks Get all tasks POST
addTasks Add Tasks to the Company POST
updateTasks update Tasks in the Company record POST
deleteTasks Delete Tasks from the Company POST
getQualifications Get specified Qualifications POST
addQualifications Add specified Qualifications POST
updateQualifications Update specified Qualifications POST
deleteQualifications Delete specified Qualifications POST
clearQualifications Clear specified Qualifications POST
getTimesOfDay Get all TimesofDay POST
addTimesOfDay Add TimesofDay to the Company POST
updateTimesOfDay Update TimesOfDay Records POST
deleteTimesOfDay Delete TimesOfDay from the Company POST
TimeOff Accounts
getTimeOffAccounts Get all TimeOff accounts POST
addTimeOffAccounts Add TimeOff Accounts to the Company Record POST
updateTimeOffAccounts Update specified TimeOff Accounts POST
deleteTimeOffAccounts Delete specified TimeOff Accounts POST
TimeOff Reasons
getTimeOffReasons Get all TimeOffReasons POST
addTimeOffReasons Add TimeOff reasons for requests POST
updateTimeOffReasons Update specified TimeOff reasons POST
deleteTimeOffReasons Delete specified TimeOff reasons POST
TimeOff Transactions
getTimeOffTrans Get all TimeOffTransactions POST
addTimeOffTrans Add a TimeOff Transaction to the Company Record POST
updateTimeOffTrans Update a specified TimeOff Transaction POST
deleteTimeOffTrans Update a specified TimeOff Transaction POST
Category Items
getCategoryItems Get specified Category Items POST
addCategoryItems Add specified Category Items POST
updateCategoryItems Update specified Category Items POST
deleteCategoryItems Delete specified Category Items POST