Update specified areas

Query Parameters

reqAddifnotfoundbooleanTrueAccepts an integer value.


Key string True Denotes how the item will be indexed: CatItemID or ExternalID
KeyVal string True The actual index of the item: CatItemID or ExternalID
ExternalID integer False Must be unique
Name string False
ShowToEmployee boolean False Accepts an integer value.
Color string False Set the override color. Accepts a properly-formatted 6-digit hexadecimal color
Active boolean False Accepts an integer value.

Example Query

POST https://api.workschedule.net/WS.exe?Module=API&SessionID=123&SP=12345678&Method=updateAreas&reqAddifnotfound=1

Sample JSON Input

   "Key": "CatItemID",
   "KeyVal": "65",
   "ExternalID": "78",
   "Name": "Office",
   "ShowToEmployee": "0"

   "Key": "ExternalID",
   "KeyVal": "85",
   "Name": "Meeting",
   "ShowToEmployee": "1",
   "Active": "1"


JSON Response

 "ErrorMessage": "Success",
 "ItemResponses": [
   "ErrorMessage": "Success",
   "ItemNo": "1",
   "ErrorCode": "0"
   "ErrorMessage": "Success",
   "ItemNo": "2",
   "ErrorCode": "0"
 "Items": [],
 "ErrorCode": "0"

Resource Information

Response Format JSON
Request Type POST