Add users to the company record.


UserName string True Must be unique and must be > 6 characters and alphanumeric.
Password string True Must be > 6 characters and can only be alphanumerical with symbols.
FirstName string True
LastName string True
Email string True
UserType char True Accepts A, M, E, R for Admin, Manager, Employee, and Read-Only Respectively.
HomePhone alphanumeric False
WorkPhone alphanumeric False
CellPhone alphanumeric False

Example Query


Sample JSON Input

		"UserName": "Test123",
		"Password": "Test1234",
		"FirstName": "Test",
		"LastName": "Tester",
		"Email": "",
		"UserType": "E",
		"HomePhone": "5555555555"

		"UserName": "Test234",
		"Password": "Test2345",
		"FirstName": "Testtwo",
		"LastName": "Testertwo",
		"Email": "",
		"UserType": "A",
		"CellPhone": "1234567891"

JSON Response

 "ErrorMessage": "Success",
 "ItemResponses": [
   "ErrorMessage": "Success",
   "ItemNo": "1",
   "ErrorCode": "0"
   "ErrorMessage": "Success",
   "ItemNo": "2",
   "ErrorCode": "0"
 "Items": [],
 "ErrorCode": "0"

Resource Information

Response Format JSON
Request Type POST