Existing Customers

Version 9 Beta Test Participant Information

Existing Customers


Thanks for choosing to be a beta tester for the new WorkSchedule.Net!  The next generation of WorkSchedule.Net is version 9 and it is a major overhaul of the previous version. WorkSchedule.Net v9 now has a sleek, new, modernized user interface, much improved security, full-featured mobile app, and much more!

You will be beta testing the new WorkSchedule.Net system, version 9, both standard and mobile web applications. The current version of WorkSchedule.Net is version 8 which will continue to operate simultaneously with the new WorkSchedule.Net (version 9). This will allow for current customers to try out the new version before using it in live production.



Approved participants in the beta test of the new WorkSchedule.Net will be sent invites by email with a link to setup a new account. Using the provided link, participants will give some basic information and follow the brief steps to set up their new company accounts. Existing customers will be sent links that assign them the same Company ID they had in version 8.



In the WorkSchedule.Net v9 accounts, participants will have the option of using the application for either real world production or as a “sandbox” (test only). In Company Settings there is an option to turn on or off “Sandbox Mode”.  With Sandbox Mode on, a notice will show throughout the application at the top of each page (including the mobile app) and in all messages stating that the system is not real world but is for test only.  This will allow you to test freely with other users and avoid confusion about scheduling that is real vs. for test purposes.


You will also be beta testing the new full-featured mobile app from a mobile browser at https://m.workschedule.app. Although this is technically a mobile “web site”, the installable mobile app is virtually identical, and therefore the mobile web site edition will suffice to beta test the app. You can create a shortcut icon for this link to have easier access.


We will keep you updated on general beta testing information here on our beta test web page. This will include information such as the road map and known issues.



Participants will be required to respond to surveys that will be sent from time to time, and to give general feedback on the WorkSchedule.Net v9 application. Please use the home page in your beta company account to send bug reports, enhancement requests, and general feedback. You can expect no more than one survey per month, and no more than 20 questions per survey.



Although you may use this in production, be aware that this service has not been fully tested. You could lose data, scheduled shifts could not appear to employees, pages may crash, downtime may occur for extended periods, etc. Do not use this service in production for any environment for which a failure of the WorkSchedule.Net application could result in damage of any kind to your organization or anyone.



The WorkSchedule.Net Beta system may be brought down at random times and for extended periods for updates or to reconfigure servers, etc.  If you are uptime sensitive, this beta application would not be advised for a production environment.



Existing customers and organizations who have never been a Program Works customer are eligible to be participants. Existing customers, however, are not permitted to exceed the number of active users in the Work Schedule.Net Beta account as their paid WorkSchedule.Net accounts. Should the number of users in the Beta account exceed the number of users in the current WorkSchedule.Net account, the customer will be liable for the difference in pricing.



During the first three months of the beta test period migrating data from the current WorkSchedule.Net system into the new one will not yet be an option for existing customers. We expect to start beta testing migration from existing WorkSchedule.Net v8 accounts around December 1st , 2021. Current customers can opt to either wait for that data migration capability or to start with a fresh account and re-enter data as needed. Once the beta period is over, you will be able to migrate key data from WorkSchedule.Net v8 (see POST-BETA – FINALIZE MIGRATION below).



Documentation for WorkSchedule.Net v9 is generally complete, although there are a few less critical areas not yet covered as of the beginning of this beta period. During the beta period documentation will be revised to accommodate changes, as well as to clarify more nuanced functionality and will extend to some additional topics.



We have done our best to keep most of the functionality that exists in v8. However some of that functionality is still being built, and some will be handled in a different way or will be deprecated.  Please refer to our roadmap here for updated information.



The beta test period is expected to last until April 1 , 2022, but could last longer or end eariler depending on the stability of the application. We will update you on the beta test web page as it approaches.

Starting around mid-December, you will have several options, with next steps available from your Home page:

  • Migrate or re-migrate data from your v8 account

You will be able to migrate the key data (time blocks, users, items, etc.) from your v8 account starting in mid-December by choosing that action from your home page. If you choose to migrate/re-migrate, each time you will be asked to verify that you want to replace all the information in your v9 account. Note that migration alone does not move your billing history over to the new system. You will still be billed via the v8 account until you “finalize” your migration (see below).


  • Finalize migration

You will have the option to finalize your switchover to v9 at any point, whether you have migrated data or not. Once you finalize your account you cannot switch back nor migrate or re-migrate data. The finalization process does the following:

  • Moves your billing history and current subscription information to the new v9 account
  • Places you into the v9 billing system for subscription renewals, etc.
  • Permanently closes your v8 company account, locking out all user access.


You will want to invite all your active users before finalizing, so they are connected with the new WorkSchedule.Net v9 before getting locked out of the old version.

Existing customers can continue using the new WorkSchedule.Net system until the current WorkSchedule.Net system has been sunset (planned for no earlier than December 31, 2022). You may want to wait for certain functionality to be completed before finalizing your migration. (see the roadmap here.)