Tip Tuesday – 4 Ways to Speed up your Scheduling

Tip Tuesday – 4 Ways to Speed up your Scheduling

Tip Tuesday – 4 Ways to Speed up your Scheduling

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Hi everyone! This is the first entry in our Tip Tuesday series. Every Tuesday we will be detailing tips and tricks for using WorkSchedule.Net to save you time and effort in your schedule!

Today we'll be talking about 4 ways to speed up your scheduling when using WorkSchedule.Net!

Use the Recurring Schedule

No one wants to make their schedule more than once as that takes time and energy better spent elsewhere. With WorkSchedule.Net's Recurring Schedule you can make your normal weeks schedule just one time so that you never have to create the same schedule twice. The Recurring Schedule is the place to establish the shifts or "Time Blocks" that are required each day of the week and assign those who have a permanent schedule. Always have 2 people open your store and 2 people close up shop? Put those time blocks in the recurring schedule and never create them again; Just assign employees each week and scheduling becomes a breeze!

Use Schedule Templates

Some businesses utilize rotational schedules or have specific seasonal needs. These are situations best met by using a Schedule Template. A Schedule Template lets you have multiple pre-built schedules on hand to apply when needed. You can have as many as you like and they can span anywhere from 1 day to weeks at a time!

Use Auto-Scheduling

Auto-Scheduling is the absolute best way to speed up your scheduling in WorkSchedule.Net. With our detailed rule system, you can set up the exact way you like your schedule create in no time. Do your employees have a maximum amount of hours per week? Do you like you spread your shifts among employees more evenly? Do your employees have availability or a working preference? These are all situations that our rule based Auto-Scheduler can tackle with ease saving you considerable time in your scheduling.

Use the Get Best Fit Tool

On the other side of the Auto-Scheduling coin is the Get Best Fit tool. This is the more manual way to auto-schedule while still saving time over flipping between screens. The Get Best Fit Tool shows you who is able and who is unable to work a specific shift, as well as showing the reasons they are unable and their individual grade if applicable. This is a better option over flipping between screens or referring to spreadsheets for availability and qualifications as we detail all this information for you in one easy to find location!

Come back next week for more tips and tricks in WorkSchedule.Net!