Tip Tuesday – Age Restrictions

Tip Tuesday – Age Restrictions

Tip Tuesday – Age Restrictions

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday! This week we will be talking about ways to handle your younger employees and their use of WorkSchedule.Net!

There are a few ways you can restrict access as well as designate whether or not an employee is a minor and therefore would be subject to a stricter set of rules (depending on your state, province, or global location).

Date of Birth

Date of Birth is a new addition for WorkSchedule.Net Version 8.1. This allows managers and administrators to enter in a Date of Birth for each employee in the system so as to differentiate between those who are minors and those who are not. This can be viewed by going into the User Record of the employee in question and going to the General Information tab. We will be working more with Date of Birth soon so keep an eye out!

Daily and Weekly Hours Restrictions

The next way to manage employees who are minors is to set the applicable Daily and Weekly Hours restrictions in their user record as well as to utilize the corresponding rules. To set daily and weekly hours restrictions, enter the applicable employees user record as a manager or administrator and find the Auto-Schedule tab. Here you can set a limit on daily hours if the employee cannot work more than a certain number of hours in a day as well as a max for weekly hours if they cannot work. You must also turn on the corresponding “No employee should be scheduled for more than his/her maximum hours” and “No employee should be scheduled for more than his/her maximum DAILY hours” for use in the Get Best Fit and general Auto-Scheduling.

Shift Breaks

In some locations specific shift breaks are required for minors after a specific amount of time. It might be one 15 minute breaks in an 8 hour shift with a mandatory 30 minute break after 4 hours, or an hour break after 5 hours of work, so on and so forth. By adding breaks to a shift you designate both to the employee and to management when these required breaks must be taken as well as the duration of the breaks. The hours can be automatically subtracted from the shift or you can disable that feature, all depending on how you would like to calculate hours. Breaks can be turned on from within the General Options and configured on a per shift basis.


Qualifications are one of the most versatile areas in WorkSchedule.Net and they can apply in helping with scheduling minors as well! You can choose to not qualify employees for certain categories (such as tasks and areas) if there is an age restriction associated with it. This can be configured in the User Record area as both a manager and as an administrator. This can be made easier by using the new Mass Qualifications button if you’d like to configure this for more than one employee at a time!


That’s all for this week’s Tip Tuesday post! Check back next week for more tips and tricks for using WorkSchedule.Net!