Tip Tuesday – Seasonal Schedules

Tip Tuesday – Seasonal Schedules

Tip Tuesday –¬†Seasonal Schedules

The glorious return of Tip Tuesday is upon us! Today we’ll be talking about using Templates to create Seasonal Schedules and how useful they can be for all businesses!


Templates are, at their most basic, additional Recurring Schedules. They are where you can set up multiple different (or similar) static schedules that can be applied to the current schedule to any week(s) you like. One of the great new features in Version 8.1 is the ability to initialize and copy between both templates and the recurring schedules to you can truly make one schedule and make small modifications depending on the template you’re looking to create!

Templates as Seasonal Schedules

Every business has a specific “season” they will see heavy demand and traffic and of course off-seasons where they may be slow and need less staff. This is where templates come in as the place to create schedules for these needs. With Templates, you can create off-shoots of your main recurring schedule to make schedules for all of your seasonal needs. Then, when the time comes, you can initialize your seasonal template onto the current schedule.

More information on templates can be found in the WorkSchedule.Net Help Documentation!


Due to the Holidays we will not be having a Tip Tuesday next week but check back on 12/30 for another Tip Tuesday!