Tip Tuesday – Time Off Accounts

Tip Tuesday – Time Off Accounts

It’s time for another Tip Tuesday! This week we’ll be talking about Time Off Accounts and their many uses.

Time Off Ledgers

The intended purpose of a Time Off Account is to feed into what’s called the Time Off Ledger. The Time Off Ledger is a sort of “bank account” for your employees and displays the time off they’ve taken subtracted from the time off days they may have received or accrued over time. One thing to keep in mind is that even if you don’t give your employees time off using Time Off Accounts and the Time Off Ledger is a very easy and quick way to track time off without having to run a report. Since it gives a break down by employee and time off account you can see all your information organized nicely in one place!

Cancelling Time Off

One thing many people don’t realize is that without enabling Time Off Accounts you cannot allow employees to cancel their time off or view the time off they’ve already taken with ease! When Time Off Accounts are enabled you’ll see some new options below under Time Off on the Employee side.


Here you can submit cancellation requests as well as view approved/taken time off (but that’s a subject for another Tip Tuesday!).

When employees submit a time off cancellation request it will be sent to their direct manager/managers or the administrator to either approve or deny.

That’s it for this weeks Tip Tuesday! Check back next week when we cover another great feature in WorkSchedule.Net!