Tip Tuesday – Time Off for a New Year

Tip Tuesday – Time Off for a New Year

Tip Tuesday – Time Off for a New Year

Happy Tip Tuesday everyone! I hope you had a good Holiday week and are ready to face the New Year head-on!

On this week’s post we’ll be talking about handling Time Off as we move into 2015. Whether you need to set up a new Time Off Account, roll over days¬†from 2014, or even add additional time off for your employees we have you covered!

Creating a New Time Off Account

One of the first things to check on before 2015 breaks the door down is whether or not you have a time off account set up for the new year. This are extremely useful for organizing your employee’s days off, sick days, or any other days off they might receive. You can then run reports on specific time off accounts to get as clear a picture as possible and receive exactly what data you’re looking for. To create this a new account first ensure the option is turned on in General Options under the Time Off section. Then, click on Time Off Accounts under Setup on the left when logged in as an administrator or manager. Be sure to also give your account a proper date range so that old days and days beyond 2015 are not placed in this new account incorrectly.

Rolling Over Time Off to a New Account

WorkSchedule.Net makes rolling over days from 2014 into 2015 easy with the Balance Transfer tool. Found under Time Off Accounts in the Setup section of your admin/manager account, you can easily designate an effective date of the transfer, the from account, the to account, and the maximum amount of days to transfer. If an employee has less than the allowed number of roll over days the system will simply transfer their entire balance, and if they have more it will only transfer your deemed maximum. This process will apply to all employees so you can accomplish a usually time consuming task in seconds!

New Days for a New Year

In the event that employee’s receive a fresh allotment of time off days in the new year this can be accomplished before the ball even touches the ground in Times Square! When in the Time Off Ledgers section (Under Setup when logged in as an admin/manager) you can view your transactions for each employee which includes their approved time off, manually created time off as well as any added/subtracted days in a specified account.

One feature in this section is the ability to Add to All. After selecting a specific time off account, click Add To All. This brings up a small sub-area where you can specify which employees to apply to (to select one or more employees either hold control and click individuals, or click one employee, hold shift, and click an employee farther down the list to include all employees between), and effective date, a description, and of course the amount of days to add. When submitted this will apply to all employees selected in the list and you’ll be good to go!

That’ll do it for this week’s Tip Tuesday. I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year and we’ll see you in 2015!