Tip Tuesday – Clock IPs

Tip Tuesday – Clock IPs

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday! This week we will be talking about the Time Clock IP Addresses. WorkSchedule.Net has a way of verifying that an employee is at their place of employment when clocking in by making use of this feature. As long as you know your IP Address you can click on the “Clock IPs” button in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen. And it will bring you to this page:

Simply click on the “Add new IP Address” button and you will be able to enter your IP Address. Lastly and most importantly, you will have to go to the user records of each user that you want to use this feature for and turn on the permissions seen below:

This first permission allows users to use the time clock to clock in. While the second setting allows users to only clock in if they are connected to your IP Address.

Now employees will only be able to clock in if they are connected to your internet. This allows companies to be sure that employees are clocking in where they should be.

That’s all for this week’s Tip Tuesday post! Check back next week for more tips and tricks for using WorkSchedule.Net!