Tip Tuesday – Cost Report

Tip Tuesday – Cost Report

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday! This week we will be talking about another very important report, the Cost Report. This is an important report because it can help managers and administrators check how much an employee will be making within the specified time range.

When you click on the Cost Report, the following screen will be displayed.


You can use this screen to input information that will make your report more specific. In addition to the start date of week, you can choose to display information relative to a particular department, area, task, or any other category. You can also narrow down the report by selecting “choose time” and editing the time for the specific hours necessary for your report (defaults to 12:00AM if not selected ). The options that you choose will act as filters, and therefore the report will only display a subset of your data, based on what you have chosen.

You also have the option to select how you want employees cost to be reported, either by their general hourly pay rate or by each employees qualifications which can both be edited in the user record.

After you choose your input, click on Create Report. You will get a report that looks similar to this:

This feature is great for payroll auditing. You can verify how much each employee is making and compare this to the payroll!

That’s all for this week’s Tip Tuesday post! Check back next week for more tips and tricks for using WorkSchedule.Net!