Tip Tuesday – Customize Your View

Tip Tuesday – Customize Your View

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday! This week we will be talking about the tips and tricks to changing your default view in the current schedule as an admin or manager. There are many important parts to the current schedule that you can customize to fit your specific needs.

As you can see in the photo above, there are two bars by which you can customize your view. The first bar is a filter bar, this is where your categories will show up if you have “Show in cross-section” selected in that category’s options. This is known as the filter bar because if you select any categories, the view will then filter by the categories you have selected, and exclude the category options that you do not have selected.

As for the sort bar, this bar will never exclude any options, but simply sort by the options you have selected. In the example above, I have Department, Start Time, then Time of Day selected. Therefore my schedule will sort in that order by departments, then the start time of the shift, then the time of day that the shift takes place in accordance with my Time of Day category.

Apart from the filter and sort bar, there is a “View” drop-down that can help to further customize your schedule view. In this drop-down there are many options that can help you change to a monthly view, or daily view. Along with an option for “other view settings”. This will make a pop-up that looks like the one shown below.

Day column width:
This option will change the width of each day of the week in pixels when the week is viewed in 14 days or higher.

Suppress time block time:
By default, start and end times will both show on the time block. With this option, you can modify to only show the start time, or do not show a time on the time block.

Use Fixed Left Column:
This option will lock the sort columns from moving when scrolling. This option does not work with Firefox.

Show Viewed Time Blocks:
When an employee views their schedule, “Viewed” will appear in the time block that they have viewed.

Suppress Total Hours:
This will suppress the total hours column on the right.

Show Hours In Time Blocks:
This option will enable viewing the total number of hours inside of the time block.

Show Double Scheduling Alert:
This option will show the red double scheduling banner at the top of the schedule.

Once you have your schedule the way you like it make sure to set this as your default view by following the picture shown below:

That’s all for this week’s Tip Tuesday post! If you have any questions regarding this topic feel free to email us at support@workschedule.net or call us at 866-846-3123. Make sure to check back next week for more tips and tricks for using WorkSchedule.Net!