Tip Tuesday – Read Only Users

Tip Tuesday – Read Only Users

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday! This week we will be talking about the tips and tricks to creating a Read Only user. Many companies like to allow managers access to this user. This can be especially useful to allow managers to have the ability to view everyone’s schedule without making any changes. This could allow them to simply see the entire schedule to keep them informed and benefit their scheduling abilities.

In order to use this Read Only account, you will need to make a new user and edit their permission to Read Only, like the image below.

Apart from giving them this permission and making your own adjustments to suit your company, you will need to be sure to give this Read Only user a name, userid, and password as if they are a normal user. In order to allow other managers to access this user you may want to distribute this username and password. Another option is to email us at support@workschedule.net and request a link to auto-login to this Read Only user account. This way users can paste the link into a web browser and, without putting in credentials, they will be logged in and able to view the schedule.

Lastly, in order to have this user account fully setup, you will want to give the Read Only user permission to all of the departments that you want them to view. In order to allow this user to view all departments or certain departments, you will want to navigate to the “Managed Departments” tab in their user record and select the departments that you want this user to be able to view.

By default, employees with access to this user’s account will be able to view the Current Schedule, Recurring Schedule, Templates, and Attendance, but will not be able to edit these schedules. They also will have access to reports and exports. If you would prefer that the Read-Only user not have access to other schedules (recurring, attendance, etc) and the reports, then contact us and request the auto-login link and be sure to specify that you only want the Read Only user to access the current schedule. We will give you a special link that only allows them to view the current schedule and they will not be able to view or navigate to anything else.

That’s all for this week’s Tip Tuesday post! If you have any questions regarding this topic feel free to email us at support@workschedule.net or call us at 866-846-3123. Make sure to check back next week for more tips and tricks for using WorkSchedule.Net!