Tip Tuesday – Swap / Sign Up Manager Side

Tip Tuesday – Swap / Sign Up Manager Side

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday! This week we will be talking about the settings for swap/sign up feature from the manager point of view.

This is a great feature and can be very helpful to you and your employees. To turn this option on, you will have to go into each individual user record for the users that you want to be allowed to take advantage of this feature. Once the option is avialable and the schedule is posted, employees will be able to swap shifts with each other. If one employee needs to take off a day, but they don’t want to lose the hours, they can swap shifts with an employee for a different day.

However, employees don’t have to swap a shift for a shift, they can give a shift away or just take a shift. So, if an employee can no longer work a shift, they can try giving it away to have other employees sign up and take the shift. Also, if there is an open shift in the schedule, they will have the option to sign up for that shift.


As you can see in the picture below, there are three different options for how employees can use the swap/sign up feature.

Allow employee to swap shifts: Allow employees to give shifts up to other employees and allow employees to sign up for shifts that are available for swapping.

Allow employee to sign up for open shifts: Allow employees to select open shifts that they can work, and sign up for these shifts.

Allow employees to sign up for partial open shifts: Employees can sign up for open shifts in the schedule, but they don’t have to sign up for the entire shift, they can simply sign up for a portion of the specified shift. Then another employee can sign up for the rest or for another portion of the same open shift.

As far as the emailing options, you can have WorkSchedule.Net email the employees whether the swap/sign up was a success or failure.


There are several options as to how involved you want to be with the swap/sign up procedure shown in the picture below.

Automatically Approve/Decline By Rules – No Manager Approval Required: With this option, when an employee signs up for a shift or two employees sign up to swap shifts, it will be automatically approved as long as no rules are broken. No manager will have to look at the requests before it goes through.

Manager Approval required Upon Breaking Rule: Very similar to the previous option, except when a rule is broken, it is not automatically declined. Instead, the manager has an option to manually break the rule and allow the swap/sign up to happen.

Manager Approval Required Upon Passing Rules: Once the request is submitted, it will be automatically analyzed and will check to see if any rules are broken. If the request does not break a rule, it will be sent to a manager to be approved or declined. Otherwise, it will be automatically declined.

Manager Approval Always Required: No matter if a rule it breaks the rules or not, it will be sent to a manager to manually determine whether it should be approved or declined.

Lastly, there is a bidding option. This is not necessary for the swap/sign up feature, however it may be efficient for your company. This feature allows multiple employees to sign up for a shift and, similar to the “Get Best Fit” function for automatic scheduling, it will automatically select the employee who is best fit for the shift.

After selecting the Use Bidding Feature option, in order to have it automatically select and assign the best user to the shift you will have to go into rules and add the eliminating rule “Only Schedule Bidders”. Then go into the schedule and use the auto-schedule feature. If there are still more open shifts that need to be assigned to users, then you will have to either disable this rule and auto-schedule again, or you can manually add employees to the shifts.

That’s all for this week’s Tip Tuesday post! Check back next week to learn about Swapping and and Signing up for shifts from the employees point of view!