Version 8 Changelog – Update Notes and Features

Version 8 Changelog – Update Notes and Features

Here you can find the full Changelog for WorkSchedule.Net version 8 through 8.1! All patch notes, updates, fixes, and additions are detailed below in list format. For users currently on Version 7.1 all changes below will apply when upgrading to version 8.1. For users that were part of our Version 8.0 early release before 10/8 all change from 8.0 to 8.1 will be new.


From Version 7.1 to Version 8.0


+ Send Email Alert button added to current schedule. This allows managers and admins to send an email containing selected shift to the assigned employee.

+ New Mass Edit button in the user record area allows managers and admins to change properties for multiple users.

+ Managers and Admins can now copy a User Record when creating a new user. This leaves out general information but retains important details that may be useful when adding many employees with similar settings.


± Many items have been moved to the User Record area rather than the General Options to offer greater granularity for company functions such as time clock use, how much of the schedule is visible, ability to declare availability, and more.

± Mobile site and mobile app now handle login and session time out errors by directing to the proper login.

± Overhaul of GUI for areas such as User Record, Categories and their individual Category Items, Reports, and Templates.

± General bug fixes and performance increases

From Version 8.0 to Version 8.1


+ New API (application programming interface). See API Documentation on web site for details.

+ Added iCal integration for syncing with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, and other iCal compatible applications.*

+ New cost report handles overtime.

+ Allow ability to freeze the left columns, toggle seeing “viewed” status of time blocks, to suppress the total hours columns (right and bottom), to show the hours inside the time blocks, and to suppress the double scheduling errors on a per session and per user basis.

+ New Payroll Export function allows exporting payroll information from Attendance or Current Schedule to SurePayroll, Paychex, or ADP (beta)*.

+ Added a drag and drop assignment feature that allows you to drag an employee’s name from the left sort column, if sorted by employee, into a time block on the right to assign that time block to the employee.

+ Added the ability to use a Subdomain (EX: Please contact support to configure this option.

+ Users with manager permissions can now manage departments that were removed. This allows them to access historical data for departments that do not exist anymore.

+ When removing a user, the user can no longer remain assigned to future time blocks in the Current Schedule, nor to any time blocks in the Recurring Schedule nor any template.

+ Shows “(User Removed)” next to name in time blocks that are assigned to removed users.


± Overhaul of Manager Control Panel (the home page for admins and managers). Now shows Company ID and has a cleaner look.

± Overhaul of login and login/session error pages to match new web site theme.

± Free Trial Setup wizard GUI overhaul.

± Corrected issues with Internet Explorer so that Compatibility View is no longer needed and in fact is not recommended anymore.

± Overhaul of Forgot Login Info link. The query by email now searches in both versions 7 and 8.

± Fixed “Zero Hour Bug” when signing up for a partial shift with hours overridden.

± Fixed bug in billing where an extremely small value would show up for customers with a $0.00 balance.

± New free trials now immediately enter the Setup Wizard instead of needing to wait for an email.

± Fixed bug where managers were not being notified for a pending swap request.

± Emails are no longer sent to users with no email.

± Fixed bugs with new buttons on older browsers (IE7 and IE8).

± Fixed left column now works on most browsers. Option is now under the View menu.

± General bug fixes and performance increases

*Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, ADP, SurePayroll, Paychex, and Quickbooks are trademarks of their respective companies.