Custom Branding

Make your account your own!

We offer custom branding to every account so that all your employees feel at home! Create a custom domain (e.g., for your company login page as well as adding your company logo to the home page for managers and employees.

We even offer Custom Development!

We at WorkSchedule.Net pride ourselves in meeting our customers needs, no matter if they’re big or small. For this reason we offer to develop any custom feature that you need that is currently not in WorkSchedule.Net! Many full features in our system began as small custom enhancements, such as our Attendance modules and our Confirm/Decline feature.

Please contact our sales team for more information on custom development and pricing!

Customize Categories

Time Off Reasons

Easily create custom shift categories

In WorkSchedule.Net you can schedule based on 6 different categories. While the defaults for these are things like Departments, Areas, and Tasks, each one can be customized to the naming and use that works best for you! Need to schedule based on a location and job number? We can do that! Want to give each time block a client and activity designation? We can do that too!

Create custom time off reasons and accounts for your company!

Create unlimited custom Time Off Accounts and Time Off Reasons for your employees. Create yearly accounts, accounts for specific allotments, and more. Designate PTO, Sick Days, Personal Days, and any other Time Off types!