Time Off

Keep track of Time Off with ease

WorkSchedule.Net will track the Time Off taken by your employees, and tie it into the schedule to avoid scheduling an employee who is out for the day. The system still knows you may need to cover the shifts for the employees who are off and leaves them open. Then you can either fill them manually, use WSDN’s powerful Automation features to replace them, or remove them if there is no requirement to replace.

The manager can easily handle last minute absenteeism for such reasons as illness or emergencies, as well as the planned time like vacation, even years ahead of time.

Paperless Time Off Requests

Employees can login to WorkSchedule.Net to Request Time Off. The manager will be sent an email notification, and will also see the pending request from the manager’s home page.

The manager can then approve or decline the request in full, or approve some days and not others. The manager is then warned if necessary about various issues, such as having too many similarly qualified employees off at the same time, the employee not having enough time off left, etc.

Time Off Requests

Time Off Accounts

Track the Time Off

You can set up Time Off Accounts which work like bank accounts, but with time off instead of money. You can “deposit” days into them for one or many employees at once, perhaps on January 1st of each year. Then when employees take time off WSDN deducts from their allowed balance.

The current balance and time off remaining are always visible to both employee and manager. Employees and managers are warned when the allowed time off is almost used up.