Employee Availability

Employee Availability

Employee Availability takes the guesswork out of scheduling

Scheduling around employee availability can be one of the greatest burdens of scheduling if it’s required. Work Schedule Dot Net takes the hassle out of it by facilitating communication concerning employee availability. No more need to deal with everyone telling you when they are and aren’t available to work in scattered conversations and notes. You can keep the information centralized in our employee availability area. In addition you can require that your employees indicate their availability online.

Schedule around employee preferences

In this same employee availability area, if permitted by the manager, the employee can also indicate a preference for certain times. The employee could state a preference to work at a certain time or a preference not to work at a certain time (but indicating he/she is still available if needed). WorkSchedule.Net can take this into consideration in its decision making, when the employee preference rule is added to the list of rules.

Preferred Shifts

Availability in Get Best Fit

Employee Availability ties into your automation

The availability features tie in with WorkSchedule.Net’s automation to ensure you schedule without conflicts. Either use the automatic scheduling system to schedule based on employee availability and preferences or use the Get Best Fit tool to manually see who is willing and available to work a specific shift. No more having multiple windows open to make a single schedule, everything is accessible under one roof.