Time Block Editor

Time Block Editor

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You build a schedule by adding time blocks with the Scheduler or “Time Block Editor.”  Generally, a time block is a block of time that a single employee, who may or may not be specified, is scheduled to work. Each time block also specifies the start and end times of the shift, and the department to which the time block belongs. In addition, a time block typically specifies the task being performed, the general time of day when the work will be done (day, evening, overnight, etc.), and can hold notes as well.  

One of the biggest benefits of our Time Block Editor is the low barrier to entry and gentle learning curve. You don’t need to worry about learning 4-5 different sections in one program as our Time Block Editor is used in the Current and Recurring Schedules, Attendance, and Availability; If you’ve learned one you’ve essentially learned them all!

The Scheduler can create the right shifts quickly and easily

All of these details are called the properties of the time block. Some of these properties may or may not be present, depending on what options you chose in your setup wizard. In cases where several employees work simultaneously, you would add a time block for each of those employees.  WorkSchedule.Net gives you many quick and easy ways to add many time blocks all at once in different ways, so you can get your schedule entered in no time.

Edit Shift Properties

Undo Feature

Save time by using the Undo feature!

WorkSchedule.Net offers the ability to undo your last action within the scheduler and time tracking editor! While in your current session you can undo your last add, edit, removal, or other modification to the time blocks with a push of a button. No more stressing over accidentally wiping out hours of hard work when you can quickly undo those changes!