Schedule Templates

The Recurring Schedule

The Recurring Schedule is a master template that contains your schedule for a “typical” week (or multiple weeks if you like).  Once you’ve created it, you can populate the Current Schedule with a copy of this data as a starting point for scheduling each week, and make the changes specific to the week you are scheduling.

Create a template for any situation!

Templates allow you to set up multiple recurring schedule rotations (patterns). Each template can be any number of days, and can be aligned to the real calendar by assigning the start date (Day #1) to a real date in Template Setup. Once you have set up a template, you can then copy the data into the Current Schedule for each week you schedule as a starting point.

Template Customization

Schedule Templates can be adapted easily

Customize each Schedule Template to meet your specific needs. Choose the start time, the number of days included on the template (usually divisible by 7) and the name!

You can also initialize a large number of templates onto the Current Schedule across any department, area, task, or category so that all situations are covered completely.