Time Tracking

Time Clock

Time Tracking with our Time Clock allows for better accountability

If you enable the Time Clock in General Options, your employees will be able to clock in and clock out from their employee area. Whenever an employee clocks out, a time block is generated in the attendance module, which represents the time block that the employee just worked for.

Time Tracking data can be reported on, or exported to Quickbooks or to other payroll systems using our export feature.

Attendance keeps track of employee’s habits with ease

Attendance is used for time tracking when an individual was actually present for a shift. This information can be populated from the time clock (which is automatically generated) or by copying over the schedule history. Managers and Administrators can also manually create attendance shifts in instances where employees forget to clock in or out, or a shift has been added on the fly. This allows managers and administrators to run reports against the attendance schedule for time tracking purposes, record keeping, and payroll.

Attendance Tracking

Attendance Report

Run an Hours Report quickly and easily

An Hours Report is essentially an attendance report that totals the hours worked for all employees. The view, categories included, individuals included as well as dates and times can be modified for each report to give you only the information that you need. Get up to the minute time tracking information at any moment.