Automatic Scheduling

Automatic Scheduling takes the headaches out of Scheduling

WorkSchedule.Net has the most advanced Automatic Scheduling system in the industry. It is capable of scheduling your employees based on more than just availability and qualifications. It can schedule based on rank, preferred shifts, shifts that have been bid on, least hours first, a max number of hours for each day and week, and more. With our automatic scheduling system simply select your shifts, click a button, and each shift is assigned to the best employee for the job! Simply set the rules and WorkSchedule.Net does the rest.

The Get Best Fit tool guides you in the right direction

Get Best Fit is a quick easy way to find the best employee for a single time block, while still giving the manager the final say on who gets the shift. This feature allows you to use the intelligence of the system, based on your rules, to view eligible employees at the top of a list sorted in order of best fit, but letting you choose the one you decide is best. It is great for managers that would prefer a bit more granular control than automatic scheduling would allow.

For example, if an employee can’t cover his/her normal shift, the manager can click the time block, and then use Get Best Fit to find a suitable replacement.

Get Best Fit Tool

Eliminating Rules

Preference Rules

Restrict automatic assignments with Eliminating Rules
Grade employees based on Preference Rules

Eliminating Rules restrict your schedule, by eliminating employees from being allowed on any given time block. Any eliminating rule can be broken by a manager, but not by the automatic scheduling, and not by an employee attempting a swap or sign up. When time block editors are in show conflicts mode, any eliminating rules that are being broken will show in red on each time block with such a conflict.

Preference Rules are an important part of automatic scheduling. They allow you to set your schedule based on employees’ preference, pay rate, rank in general or rank in a certain category (area, task, department, etc..), or on how many hours they have worked so far. Preference rules give managers a lot of scheduling flexibility, and allow them to make automatic scheduling optimized to fit the company’s specific policies.

Also WorkSchedule.Net can customize a rule for you if you  don’t find the one you need in the system already.