Simple, easy-to-use online time clock

Your employees can clock in and out using our online time clock, by simply logging in and then clicking “clock in” or “clock out”. The punch records are kept as time blocks in the Attendance area, fully modifiable by administrators before reporting or exporting to payroll. Employees can see their times worked.

Employees can report their time worked using our time sheets

You can also allow employees to edit their times worked with an easy-to-use online timesheet system. This can work with or without the online time clock, as the time sheets can be directly populated with a combination of time clock punches and manual updates. This is a great option if you want to allow employees to make corrections themselves. Administrators can always override the data.

Export time tracking data to your payroll system

WorkSchedule.Net is not a payroll processing company, but we interface with payroll systems including, SurePayroll, PayChex, and Quickbooks, to export the hours worked, accounting for overtime.