Program Works is not supporting Version 8 beyond December 31, 2023, and will begin automatic migrations starting January 2, 2024 for customers who have not yet migrated by that time. Version 9 provides essentially all the same functionality as Version 8, but with major improvements in ease-of-use, a full-featured mobile app, better security, availability, speed and much more.

All current Version 8 customers (click here if not sure which version you use) should login as an administrator and click the migration link at the top of the Home Page to access the Migration Dashboard which has all the information you need to plan a migration. Don’t worry! Version 9 has virtually all of the same features as in the current version, and fundamentally works the same way… just better! All your key data (the schedule, attendance, users, categories and items, availability, approved time off, settings, etc) will seamlessly migrate into Version 9. But there are some changes you’ll want to be ready for. We have streamlined the migration process to make it easy!