Swap and Sign Up

Use self-scheduling to save time and effort

At the manager’s discretion, WorkSchedule.Net can allow employees some restricted self-scheduling capabilities with our swap and sign up features. WorkSchedule.Net is always checking to make sure that the appropriate rules you have chosen in your automation settings are enforced, and will not allow swaps or sign ups that break your rules. You can choose whether or not you want manager approvals to be required. It’s self-scheduling without the headaches!

Relax and let WorkSchedule.Net handle the swaps for you!

A permitted employee can simply right click on the shift or shifts to give away in the My Schedule area, and another employee can take them. Alternatively the employee can directly request a swap with a specific coworker, which can include any number of shifts to swap between the two. Even a 3-way swap is supported!

Use WorkSchedule.Net as a sign-up sheet!

Permitted employees are able to sign up for open shifts. You can turn the schedule into a full or partial digital sign up sheet, just by leaving some or all shifts open. An employee can just right-click on any shift that he or she would like to take.