Swap and Sign Up

Swap and Sign Up

Use Self-Scheduling to save time and effort

At the manager’s discretion, WorkSchedule.Net can allow employees some restricted self-scheduling capabilities with our Swap and Sign Up features. However, WorkSchedule.Net is always checking to make sure that the appropriate rules you have chosen are enforced, and will not allow swaps or sign ups that break your rules; It’s self-scheduling without the headaches!

Employees can handle swapping without Manager intervention

With the Swap feature on, employees can swap shifts among themselves, provided they do not break any rule you have set up for swapping. An employee can login to the employee Swap area, and click on the shift(s) of another employee to “take”, and his or her own shift(s) to “give”.

Swap Request Area

Shift Sign Up

Use WorkSchedule.Net as a sign-up sheet!

With the Sign Up feature on, employees are able to sign up for open shifts, provided they do not break any rule you have set up for sign up. Open shifts are shifts that you have not assigned to an employee yet.

The entire schedule could be setup as an electronic sign up sheet for self-scheduling by leaving all shifts open, or you can leave only some shifts open that employees can sign up for. An employee can login to the Sign Up area, and click on any shift that he or she would like to take. If the sign up would result in a violation of one of your sign up rules it will be denied.