Schedule Alerts keep everyone on the same page

Schedule Post Alerts keep your employees and managers all on the same page. With this feature on, every time the schedule is posted for the employees to see, an alert goes out to all employees, letting them know the latest schedule is posted online.

Automatically Send Schedule Changes

Whenever you make a change to the posted portion of the schedule, WorkSchedule.Net sends the employees who are affected by the change an email or text message alert, letting them know what changed on their schedule. The emails have links back to check the full schedule to see the changes in context if they wis

Remind your employees of their shifts

Even with access to the schedule online 24/7, sometimes employees may forget they have to work here or there especially when they have an unusual shift. That’s why we give you Reminder Alerts. WorkSchedule.Net can send reminders via email or text message alerts whenever there is unusual scheduling for an employee, or for every shift.

You can send multiple alerts for each shift and set how long before the scheduled work time the reminder should go out. Reminders can be sent to the employee’s main email address, to a different email address, or even as a text message to an iPhone or Android smart phone.