Additional Potential Migration Issues

In addition to any potential migration issues showing on your Migration Dashboard, be sure to review these potential issues below. A potential migration issue is listed here generally because it either has a low probability of causing an issue, or we cannot easily determine whether or not it will cause a problem in your use case. Please notify your Customer Success Manager (contact information is on your Migration Dashboard) if any of these may be an issue for you. There are options such as customization, other solutions for the underlying problem, or workarounds. Based on popular demand, some dropped features may be rebuilt into Version 9 and features not complete yet may be expedited.


  • The Home Department filter at the top of the Users area of Version 8 does not exist in Version 9 yet. This feature is on the roadmap.


  • The feature that allows setting a maximum number of similarly qualified employees to be off at the same time (via a warning) is not available in Version 9.


  • The availability of all employees cannot be viewed on the same page by an administrator, but rather only one employee at a time.